Other Indoor Activities

Table Tennis

We have a total of 10 tables available at the Manor House Hotel, these are located in the Practice Hall and Moorland Pool Lounge. There is also a Table Tennis Hall at the Ashbury hotel offering a further 4 tables, located within the Moorview Sports Complex.


“Curling without ice” is a friendly, sociable game that is very easy to play. It involves curling a plastic, weighted stone along a carpet lane towards a circular target.

New Kurling

A unique indoor activity based on the sport that is traditionally played on ice. The stones run on ball bearings and are pushed along the floor towards the target. Easy to play and great fun for all ages.

New Age Bowls

Using high-density tactile plastic bowls that perform just like any traditional bowls wood, with a bias, forehand, backhand or even a firing shot. You aim towards a high score wedge – with varying points depending on where you land, great fun for you and your friends, but still a competitive game of bowls. 


A popular recreational activity the Manor House and Ashbury offer 2 boards at each hotel.